Zach Galifianakis Gives James Franco the 'Between Two Ferns' Treatment

The title of this post is a little on the nose, but I make no apologies; there was really no other way to aptly describe what happens in the above video, the newest edition of Zach Galifianakis's esteemed Funny or Die-based interview series, "Between Two Ferns."

What begins as a standard BTF interview with James Franco — insulting questions, heaping passive aggression, odd sexual undertones, etc. — suddenly delves into the newest song/video from The Lonely Island about various activities one might do while on spring break, featuring Ed Norton in addition to both Franco and Galifianakis. As you might imagine, it both doesn't disappoint and doesn't make for good work downtime viewing, unless you've come prepared with headphones.

After watching, there's a 97 percent chance you'll be in awe that so much stuff was packed into four minutes of video, and will therefore think less of all other four minute videos you may view in the future. In fact, four minute videos from now on should probably just be outlawed. Get on it, Obama. It's the only move, here.

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