Spock and Spock Prime Show Down at Last

The Force is definitely with these two ... Oh wait, wrong space franchise. Right. So, "greetings."

Kidding, kids. Don't go gettin' those tighty-whiteys in a wad, 'cause there's some fun to be had here.

It was absolutely bound to happen that Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) would come to a battle of wits, with "Star Trek Into Darkness" offering up an on-screen reunion of the two big-eared human-Vulcan hybrids, and now it has.

In this new commercial for Audi of America — which is totes better than their prom-themed Super Bowl spot — Spock Senior and his protege, so to speak, have a little race to see who'll pay for lunch at the golf club, because of course Spock would want to play golf with himself. (???) Since Spock Junior is equipped with a slick and quick little ride while the old man's sporting an apparently scoff-worthy Mercedes, it's no challenge at all.

But there's a reason the O.G. wins all the chess games. He's got the know-how to take down his opponent by pulling one of these signature maneuvers right quick.

Check, you said? How about a checkmate, then. Bam!

Little Spockito never saw it coming, though he probably should've.

At any rate, Nimoy also earned some additional geek cred in the video by letting his Tolkien freak flag fly as he rattled off lyrics to some Bilbo Baggins tribute tune. Ah, fandemonium. It truly touches us all.

And now the only matter left to resolve with these two is who pulls off the big line better.

We'll leave that conundrum for another day.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" hits theaters next weekend.