Supercut: Disney Movies Are Actually Pretty Violent?

Have you ever noticed that Disney movies, for being Disney movies, are actually pretty violent? And not just in a lighthearted way, either; for every "Mickey playfully smashes a friend with the lower part of his fist on the top of his head," there's a "The Beast is brutally shot in the spine with a bow and arrow." Ow.

I'll tell you who noticed it, if you didn't: a bored video editor, that's who. And as a result, we have a fun 85 second supercut of all the incidences of violence in every Disney movie, embedded at the top for your sick, masochistic enjoyment.

The most disturbing clip, by far, comes at the end, when we see a silhouette of Mickey absolutely destroy a broom with an axe like they're filming "Misery 2: Back in the Saddle" instead of "Fantasia." It's peculiar that the producers of said film apparently believed the fact that the scene was done in shadows at least in part negated its violent nature, because they were wrong, and now everything I've ever believed is a lie. Sob.