'Ender's Game' Trailer: Battle School Is in Session

Ready for lift-off, "Ender's Game" fanboys and girls?

Good, 'cause the very first teaser trailer for Gavin Hood's adaptation of the Orson Scott Card sci-fi spectacle has dropped, and now we're feeling triple-spacey. As if all the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" business of the week wasn't enough interstellar action, yeah? The only way we could get spacier is if Kevin were here.

The first teaser introduces Harrison Ford as the murky Colonel Graff, an apparent worrywart who's turning to two generations below to form his tricksy floating army, as well as little Asa Butterfield as Ender, the unsuspecting mini-hero who'll have to save all of Earth from the alien invader bots. The talented tyke'll not go it alone, natch, but instead gets some support from the gnarly face-tatted Mazer Rackham, portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley, and the goo-eyed Petra, Hailee Steinfeld's character.

The big guy's intergalactic dilemma, as he narrates, is as follows: "They [the aliens] know our strategies. They've learned our weaknesses. And the alien attack nearly destroyed us. That must never be allowed to happen again. If we're going to survive, we need a new kind of soldier. One who doesn't think the way we think, fear the things we fear. One the enemy would never expect."

Enter the innovative and oh-so-tactical Ender to effort saving the whooole wide world. Yippee!

And since the internet has already zapped to with excellent commentary and observations, here are a few things we've learned from the YouTube comments right away:

  • Nathan McGuff: Bean is clearly seen doing his wire stunt at around 0:40.
  • Bob Haring: Frigging hilarious he had to operate the thing with a Kinect and yell, "NOW!"
  • Dogipillar: I like how they left Orson Scott Card's name off this and went with "best seller" instead. Probably a good move.
  • Russel Gomez: Did they really just show the bugger homeworld blowing up at the end the trailer?
  • Ashliebelle: Major Anderson is a lady!