'Star Trek Into Darkness' B-Roll, Annotated

How pumped are you for "Star Trek Into Darkness"? You just can't wait until May 17 to see it on the big screen; you'll be the first in line! You've seen all the trailers and followed all the news, but how would you like to see a little sumpin' sumpin' right now?

Kirk in the captain's chair! Spock in space armor! It's all here, all in the video above.

Along with, uh, all kinds of other stuff you don't really want to see.

Yep, for some reason the team behind "Star Trek Into Darkness" has released a whole nearly eight-minute reel of B-roll, a.k.a. behind-the-scenes stuff that barely even counts as behind the scenes. J.J. Abrams saying that something we don't get to see was great! Chris Pine (that's Captain Fine Kirk to you) sitting contemplatively in a chair while a camera slowly wheels around him! A shot of a camera moving! Meta

Still, it's kinda cool. Like you know those screen savers with the fish tanks? Hypnotic! You never know what's going to happen next! And yet nothing ever really happens. This is like that, except the fish are all wearing Starfleet uniforms and have all already gotten to see a movie that you can't even touch for weeks.

For your pleasure and enjoyment, we've compiled a few personal highlights from this Fishbowl Enterprise, but we highly recommend watching the whole thing as sort of a zen exercise in fandom.

0:22: Chris Pine and J.J. Abrams laugh at an unheard joke

chris pine laughing

0:37: Zachary Quinto and J.J. Abrams hug it out


1:01-1:14: Chris Pine sits in a chair, doing literally nothing

pine chair

1:50-1:55: A camera moves.

camera moving

2:00-2:12: John Cho makes this face:

john cho staring

2:18-2:50: Chris Pine sits in a chair while people walk around him and watch him on a monitor

pine sits again

3:50-4:52: Lots of yelling while wearing wetsuits


5:09-5:15: Spock throws shade

spock throwing shade

5:26-5:33: IMAX plug!

imax camera

5:45: Abrams in booties; Pine pulling a Gosling

star trek into booties

6:41-6:46: An impressive demonstration of flail-running

flail run

Action. Packed.