Baz Clearly Wants 'Gatsby' to Get Leo an Oscar

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Leonardo DiCaprio's career has been pretty on point — you don't get to be Martin Scorsese's little muse by phoning in the rom-coms, ya dig? — but so far, he's been three for three no whammy when it comes to the Academy.

"The Great Gatsby" director Baz Lurhmann has spoken on the lack of gold statuettes upon his dear Romeo's nightstand and clearly agrees it's a grave Hollywood injustice which probably needs to be cured soon ... hint, hint.

Luhrmann told ComingSoon that he totally "agree[s]" with being shocked over DiCaprio's no-win situation.

"I'll tell you something else," Luhrmann said, "I don't think he's stepped off the mark in his life. What I mean is, if you have that much fame and if you have that much success, usually by now you're a nutcase. Usually, you're a legend, but you're also crazy. Because he's surrounded by… he's got continuity. When he first came to Australia when he was 19, he cashed in his business class tickets and brought all his friends. A lot of that ridiculous mythology you read about is actually just Leonardo bringing his friends with him, you know?"

"Although he is extremely mature and he's extremely worldly when it comes to his work and the world at large, he's also quite normal," he continued, making the latent campaign dish even more savory. "He's warm and normal, and people don't want to hear that he's normal." Ohhhh, but we do, Baz.

DiCaprio, who has won consolation prizes a Golden Globe and multiple NBR Awards, received his first Oscar nom-and-diss in 1994 for "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" ...

... and a second which fizzled out in 2005 for "The Aviator" ...

... and his third two years later, winless again, for "Blood Diamond" ...

And despite the handy performances he delivered in the prime properties "Revolutionary Road," "Inception," "J. Edgar" and "Django Unchained," it's been slow going between Leo and the Academy ever since.

But maybe this snazzy guy ...

... will produce a change of fortune, so to speak, for our Leo.

If not, he's got another Marty Scorcese flick on the way, which is sure to get a glance from the Academy upon arrival.