'Jane Got a Gun' and Natalie Portman Got a Ewan McGregor

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You've got to hand it to Natalie Portman, because the gal has some serious spunk. For the past umpteen months, Portman has been slogging away as both actor and producer, trying to get her western "Jane Got a Gun" made. And over and over, people kept royally effing up the production.

But now, once again, it appears that Portman has managed to get the train back on the tracks, as according to Deadline, her old "Star Wars" co-star Ewan McGregor has signed on to play the role of a sinister, no good outlaw.

All we can say is, the Force must be with her. At this point, she really needs it.

That's one reasonable explanation for the uncommon perseverance she's shown in the face of adversity. That, plus the fact that she's badass. After all, she is the Swan Queen.


Here's a quick recap of all the nonsense she's been through. First, in what must have seemed like a walking nightmare, director Lynne Ramsay simply decided not to bother showing up for work on the first day of filming. Seriously, not cool.

Then, once they managed to get Gavin O'Connor to save the day as an emergency replacement for Ramsay, it was co-star Jude Law who ditched the movie. Apparently he just really wanted to work with Ramsay, which is why he signed on to appear in it in the first place — as a replacement for Michael Fassbender, who had bailed during pre-production.

Portman, of course, simply cinched up her big girl boots and talked Bradley Cooper into filling to spot. Which was totally cool until last week, when Cooper also quit the movie. It's enough to give someone a complex.

Luckily, however, Portman still has something going for her: The fact that she's a beautiful, Oscar-winning superstar. That plus her long working relationship with McGregor was apparently enough to convince him to join the cursed production. And it should be interesting to see McGregor sink his teeth into a juicy bad guy role. Assuming, of course, he doesn't quit next week only to be replaced by Zac Efron or Gary Busey or something.

Whatever the case, one way or another, Portman is going to make this damn movie. Just see if she doesn't.