Tom Cruise Inked for 'Mission: Impossible 5'

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Last month, Tom Cruise was able to watch the box office feed, give himself a little shoulder punch and rest assured he's totally still got it as his journey into "Oblivion" owned its opening weekend and renewed his tenure as Tinsel Town's "Top Gun."

He's been the driver on a buncha hit one-shot action flicks like this over the years, but he's somehow stayed a one-franchise man with "Mission: Impossible." And since the marrow's not completely sucked outta that bone just yet, it's time for round five.

Cruise has now inked a deal to return as America's favorite stunty spy-hunter Ethan Hunt for "Mission: Impossible 5."

Impossible, you say? ... Nah, too easy.

Collectively, the previous four installments have earned seven hundred million some-odd smackers since the 1996 opener (over a billion with a "B" with inflation adjustments) so basically ...

... Of course he's still in to star, home skillet, and he'll be producing that thang too.

So far, the movies have been doled out once every half-decade-ish, and right now no writer, director or co-stars — "zero bodycount" — are yet on tap, so there a good chance the fifth leg'll follow suit.


Before this article self destructs in five, we'll leave you with this:

Oh, Tom. You're a dreamy one.