Supercut: Here's a Three-Minute 'Iron Man' Trilogy Remix

It's been the week of "Iron Man" (well, "Iron Man 3," specifically), and for proof, you need look no further than its $175 million opening weekend at the domestic box office. For those not in the know, $175 million is, um, a lot of money. It did well, so to speak.

Feeling the "Iron Man" mojo running through the veins of the populace himself, editor/talented person/talented person with too much time on his hands Mike Helm constructed an insanely well-done supercut remix of all three "Iron Man" movies to the tune of Black Sabbath's "Crazy Train."

Just kidding, it's Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" but it would have been a fun curveball had it been "Crazy Train." Can't win em all, Mike. We'll be over here sighing quietly at your lost potential.

Still, this video is another example of the increasingly widely-held belief that video editors are better at their jobs than everyone else in the world put together times eleventy billion. After all, you don't see accountants making super-sweet "Iron Man" supercuts in their spare time. For shame, accountants.