'Star Wars: Episode VII': Watch J.J. Abrams and Simon Pegg Nerd Out

The release date for "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is just around the milky way bend (beam up on May 17, Scotty), but it is not the only interstellar adventure movie director J.J. Abrams has weighing on that epically weird and awesome nerdbrain of his. There's also the small matter of making "Star Wars: Episode VII" happen soon.

In this new video discussion of all-things-far far away with Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in Abrams' iteration of "Trek," he finally dared to explain why he took on "Star Wars" after initial resistance.

Abrams has said before that the reason he finally agreed to visit the second universe, so to speak, is that he finds the two franchises to be so very different from one another — so it's totally not meta for him to handle both, riiight? — but here he elaborates on how that comes into play with his directorial decision-making.

Evidently, Abrams was a "Star Wars" fan long before signing the dotted line to helm its reboot, but he didn't quite get all that die-hard Trekkie fanfare until he stepped behind the camera on that one.

"I had friends who'd loved it, and I just never ... I tried! I'd sit and watch episodes and try to find my way in, but for some reason, I think because it was more philosophical, debate-driven show, I loved the action of 'Star Wars,' and 'Trek' never really seemed to have that," Abrams explained.

Evidently, that very emotional disassociation helped Abrams pull together a pretty righteous rendition. "Not being a fan ... forced questions about what we were doing. It couldn't just be acceptable because it existed and I loved it 'cause I was a fan," he explained.

Thinking of it that way, Abrams' "Star Wars" fandemonium could create a 'lil trouble for him, yes?

"I think part of the challenge obviously moving forward with anything that you come to sort of pre-loving, it's like that question you know have to kind of force yourself to start over and not assume anyone's going to care or assume anyone's going to be invested," he said of his approach to "Episode VII."

Yeah, um, good luck with that.