Pedro Almodovar Says Daniel Day Lewis Can't Make Us Laugh

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When it comes to Hollywood, that little "Golden Rule" bit is pretty much null and void upon entry, and when people don't have anything nice to say they tend to blabber on anyway. Oh, and absolutely no one is safe from trash talk, not even a three-time Oscar winner. Heck, especially not a three-time Oscar winner.

For whatever reason, "I'm So Excited" director Pedro Almodovar decided to promote his own movie by mean girling "Lincoln" star Daniel Day-Lewis, saying that there's one field of acting that he's just not capable of excelling at: comedy.

According to him, DDL might very well be the bee's knees at drama as everyone says, but he "can’t manage to give the slightest sensation of lightness" necessary to give audiences the giggles.

Almodovar also laid some similar smacktalk on the late great Marlon Brando, saying he was "stiff as a board" and "too self-aware."


So basically what Pedro Almodovar was getting at here is that this ...

... might never happen. But, really, you never know. Daniel Day-Lewis is known for his role commitment. Guy could take this as a challenge. DDL also can't  seem to resist a period piece — did someone say Chaplin? The Marx Brothers? We could see it happening.