Kristen Wiig Has a Wiig-ish Meltdown in 'Girl Most Likely' Trailer

Okay, now that we've (reluctantly) accepted the fact that Annette Bening is old enough to have a daughter as old as Kristen Wiig, we can attend to the task at hand.

One of SNL's all-time MVPs, Kristen Wiig has struggled to find life after "Bridesmaids," the runaway comedy hit that, believe it or not, is now two years old. Wiig seemed poised for Will Ferrell-sized superstardom after that flick made a bajillion bucks, but oddly enough she's been unable to find the proper follow-up (which is no small task, mind you -- "Bridemaids" is a truly brilliant piece of work).

Wiig's latest is "Imogene," which has since been retitled "Girl Most Likely," a film in which the star plays another version of her "Bridesmaids" character, a woman who (barely) hides the fact that she's on the verge of complete and total psychosis with a seemingly calm if somewhat twitchy and stand-offish exterior. Wiig's great at underplayed exasperation, which will no doubt serve her well in the role of a would-be playwright whose recent meltdown puts her back into the care of her estranged mother (Bening).

Wiig and Bening engage in some amusing verbal sparring, but the best thing about the trailer is Matt Dillon as Bening's current lover, the kind of likable buffoon that Dillon is top-notch at playing. Really, he's always been one of our best comedians, though his opportunities to show off his funny stuff have been inexplicably few and far between over the years.

Anyway, this should make for an enjoyable diversion this summer if you find yourself overwhelmed by all the big rock 'em sock'em action flicks. Check out the trailer above, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. "Girl Most Likely" opens July 19.