An Animated Retelling of 'The Matrix' by Someone's Mom

One of the perks of being born within the last thirty or forty years or so is the generational right to gently mock our silly little elders who have no earthly clue how to use the internet or iPhones or basically any other techno-gadget Gen X has conceived.

Put another way, it's fun to f**k with your parents, as the maker of the embedded video above did to a lighthearted degree for the benefit of the rest of us. This chap asked his mother to watch "The Matrix," which she did, and then he asked her to retell him the plot of the movie, which he then animated into a cartoonish video maximizing the full uses of photoshop. Simple, and brilliant.

A few bullet-point highlights:

  • Neo and Trinity meet at the bar from "Cheers."
  • Morpheus is now "Moshimo" and has stolen the hat of Rayden from "Mortal Kombat."
  • Neo's name changes to "Leo" halfway through the movie.

Basically, the video is pretty much if you watched "The Matrix" right before you fell asleep and then dreamt about it. It's a must-watch. Please do enjoy the adventures of Leo and Moshimo.