Uh Oh, Netflix Really Pissed off the Sarah Palin Army

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Boy does Sarah Palin's fan base know how to sock it to ya. Yes siree. You betcha.

Yesterday, Netflix — while pretty much side-stepping the matter of losing thousands of movies from its streaming service — decided to have a little fun on the Twitterverse with a burgeoning hashtag. In the process, they inadvertently (we think?) pegged her as a Nazi, and summoned up the mighty web wrath of the former Alaskan governor's faithful flock.


In a nutshell, someone made #SarahPalinFilms a thing despite the fact that there's like one movie about her, and Netflix chimed in with this "Iron Sky" promo:

Some were amused and took the reference at face (i.e., the fact that the character does look like her) value, but others saw a deeper meaning to the jibe based on the "Iron Sky" movie's innate political commentary.

Netflix's own on-site description of the film reads, "In 1945, the Nazis secretly retreated to the moon. When a new space shuttle mission threatens to expose them, they put the finishing touches on a plot to invade Earth. The director's cut of this sci-fi comedy is a Netflix exclusive."

Also, the social media team responsible has obviously watched it because they totally agreed with someone who called it "hugely entertaining!"

Meanwhile, sites like Twitchy reacted violently to the "pathetic" humor grab and pointed out the unabashed parallels director Timo Vuorensola was making between the Nazi party and present-day American conservatives.

This has spawned a number of subscription cancellation threats and perceived politicking. As the former veep candidate might (and absolutely does) say, "Yuk it up media and pols."

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