Whoa: Per Keanu, 'Bill & Ted 3' is Looking Good

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If it seems like Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are talking a lot about a third installment to their excellent adventuring, there's a good reason: People keep asking them about it. And just think how frustrating that must be, especially when you're Reeves and you're trying to promote a completely different movie, like the upcoming new release "Generation Um." Does anybody give a crap about that film? No, they do not give a crap. They just want more info about "Bill & Ted 3."

Well, so be it. In a new interview about with the folks at We Got This Covered, Reeves has revealed that "Bill & Ted 3" is in fact coming along just fine, and thanks for asking.

"I haven’t seen a full script for it yet, but it’s coming along," Reeves said when asked yet again about "Bill & Ted 3," presumably adding a world weary sigh and a defeated slump of his broad shoulders. "I’ve seen bits and pieces of a script and it looks good. That’s all I can say about it for now."

While we do enjoy the visual of Reeves pouring over script fragments like he just discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls, we have to admit we'd like to hear some concrete details about "Bill & Ted 3" at this point, considering they've been publicly discussing the project for three full years (or is that decades?).

At least Reeves has other projects to talk about, such as, uh, the upcoming remake of "Point Break," which he's not actually involved with in any way. "Oh yeah I think it’s exciting!" he said, but we suspect at this point just talking about anything other than "Bill & Ted 3" may be exciting for him.