Infographic: Sir Ben Kingsley BENevolence Meter

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It's hard to believe that the guy who played Ghandi and the guy who's now playing one of Marvel's most notorious supervillains is, well, the same guy. Sir Ben Kingsley's got more range than a sniper rifle, and he's just as spot-on accurate with all of his characterizations, whether they're dedicated to saving the world or destroying it.

However, Kingsley's shift from Ghandi to the Mandarin isn't exactly a sudden one. He's been weaving back and forth between good and evil throughout most of his career, with varying degrees of intensity. He's been building up to playing Tony Stark's number-one nemesis in "Iron Man 3" pretty steadily over the years, with the occasional detour or few steps back into nice (-ish) guy mode.

It hasn't been a straight line, but what journey every truly is, really? Below you can trace Ben Kingsley's gradual transformation from Benevolent to Malevolent — and yes, note that the Mandarin ranks just above Don in "Sexy Beast." We didn't think it was possible to create a character more horrendous than ol' Don.

Click on the image for a larger, more malevolent version.

Ben Kingsley Infographic

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