Infographic: The MTV Movie Awards By the Numbers

If the MTV Movie Awards were a person, we'd be taking him (her?) out for one insanely epic party, because the once-scrappy little awards show is turning 22 this year. That's right, it's officially in the "Over" category of "21 & Over."

Fortunately, the MTV Movie Awards are one insanely epic party, celebrating movies by bringing power to the people and letting fans vote on the winners. Over the past two decades, we've gone from Wayne and Garth to Bella and Edward in the blink of an eye with the most unpretentious awards show in the biz.

We're counting down to this Sunday's 2013 MTV Movie Awards by counting up its many historic accomplishments. Check out the infographic below and marvel all that has gone down in years past.

You know the drill — click on the image for the IMAX version.