Disney Finds its 'Cinderella' in Lily James

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A 'lil Bippity Boppity Boo action and Disney has finally found its picture perfect "Cinderella."

The studio announced today that it has selected the fair "Downton Abbey" maiden Lily James to lead the live-action adaptation of its own 1950 classic cartoon, making her the second principle castmember to be announced for the rags-to-royalty reboot so far.

She joins Cate Blanchett — who'll handle the wicked stepmother part — on the roll call for Sir Kenneth Branagh's directorial effort, with more additions expected in the coming weeks.

"Harry Potter" starlet Emma Watson was originally rumored for the role but reportedly turned down the opportunity to slip into the character's iconic glass shoe. To be fair, she might just be tired of wielding a broom. (See what we did there?)

Disney's been piecing together this "Cinderella" project for a couple of years as part of the not-so-grand Hollywood tradition of recycling content. In this case, the story of Cinderella itself is derivative of the French folk tale revived by the Brothers Grimm way back when, so in the end, it's all whatev. Is there a word invented yet for the remake of a remake?

The studio is also rolling out a "Sleeping Beauty" redux called "Maleficent" next summer, featuring Angelina Jolie as a more sympathetic version of the poisonous wench opposite Elle Fanning's baby-faced Aurora. Adding in Charlize Theron in Universal's "Snow White and the Huntsman," there's clearly some hot lady trend in the world of fairy tale she-villains right now.

The script for "Cinderella" was co-written by Brosh McKenna and Chris Weitz.

Lily James made her big screen debut in last year's "Wrath of the Titans."