Awesome 'Empire Strikes Back' Set Photos Unearthed

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The "Star Wars" franchise is that nerdy little gift that just keeps on giving, one generation after another.

Not only is Disney furiously piecing together "Episode VII" to usher in a third round of installments in a galaxy not so far away, but cool items just keep poppin' on up from the first go-round as well.

Last time we learned something new about "Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back" our minds were totally blown in discovering Yoda's original first name, and today's new landing is just as fascinating.

Behold a starship-load of new behind-the-scenes pictures from "Episode V" featuring a cast which was clearly having fun with their out-of-this-world-successful film franchise.

First of all, it's clear Harrison Ford just looked the other way if and when things got weird with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher ...

carrie fisher mark hamill harrison ford set photo

... and Princess Leia is totes a slothy Disney Princess ...

carrie fisher empire strikes back set photo

... and she, uh, clearly got around ...

carrie fisher c3po hug

carrie fisher chewbacca set pic

harrison ford carrie fisher fancing

... and most importantly, this was a team effort ...

empire strikes back cast behind the scenes

... with lots of hands on deck ...

visual effects empire strikes back

... and Harrison Ford was a total bleeping stud.

harrison ford empire strikes back set photo

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