Colin Firth Is the Newest Member of Woody Allen's In-Crowd

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UPDATED: It's true! Colin Firth will join Emma Stone to lead Woody Allen's "new, untitled comedy," according to a press release. The project will film in the south of France, making it Allen's second film in France, and his eighth in Europe.

Bon voyage, Colin!


EARLIER: Woody Allen is an interesting fellow. While most filmmakers come up with a grand idea and then find stars to play the parts, Allen seems to often do the opposite: He finds people and places that inspire him and then crafts the film around their strengths. Last week, we heard that Emma Stone was in talks to work with the bespectacled director, and now a male lead seems poised to join her, according to Deadline.

Let's all welcome Colin Firth to the Woody Club, shall we?

Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Not that Firth isn't a perfectly excellent pick. After all, the dude isn't just happy to see you, he actually does have an Oscar in his pocket. But it certainly is fun trying to figure out what Allen is thinking, especially when you consider that just last week we found out that his other new muse is going to be Emma Stone.

So will the pair be playing father and daughter? Perhaps a mismatched pair involved in a May-December, like in Firth's current indie release "Arthur Newman?" The possibilities are tantalizing, especially when you consider that this time around, Allen is planning to set his film in the south of France rather than in some world famous metropolis like New York, Paris or Rome.

Whatever the case, it will certainly be interesting to see what Firth can do when paired up with a master like Allen. And it's clear Firth is excited by the opportunity as well; in order to take on the role, he would have to rearrange his shooting schedule on the new Matthew Vaughn film "The Secret Service," which he's reportedly in talks for.

But hey, we're sure Vaughn understands. After all, it's not every day you get to be Woody Allen's muse — especially when you're a big strapping dude like Firth. This one should be interesting.