Link Riot: The Worst-Smelling Films to Watch in 4D

The Empire Strikes Back

• You wouldn't want to get a whiff of these movies. [Hypable]

• This picture of young Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling is the greatest photograph ever taken. [BuzzFeed]

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• More giant robots. More giant monsters. More "Pacific Rim" in the WonderCon trailer. [Warner Bros.]

• Final "Fast & Furious 6" trailer puts the pedal to ... well, pretty much everything. [Universal]

• "Spring Breakers" and "Pain & Gain" are pretty much the same movie. Pretty much. []

• They're the real Rainbow Connection. 11 people who bring The Muppets to life. [Mental Floss]

• G'Day, Mate! The 16 best Aussie exports, from Hugh Jackman to Nicole Kidman. [Hollywire]

• Girls on Film: Why it's time to retire the term 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl.' [The Week]

• In honor of the upcoming "Rocky" stage musical, here's a 17-minute mashup of every hook, swing and punch thrown in all six movies. [Death and Taxes]

• And just because, here's the Steven Seagal action classic "Under Siege" recut as a silent movie. [FilmDrunk]