2013 Summer Blockbusters Re-Imagined as Indies

Summer movie season is once again upon us, as the likes of "Iron Man 3," "The Wolverine" and "Pacific Rim" are set to blow us through the back wall of the theater with their huge action sequences, top-notch special effects and occasional witty quips.

But blockbusters aren't the only kind of movies at the multiplex this summer; they share space alongside quieter, more critically acclaimed fare. And let's face it — inside every loud, attention-grabbing, big-budget action flick or raucous all-star comedy, there's a sensitive, modest indie just waiting to get out. Right?

With that in mind, we've once again reinvented 10 summer blockbusters as smaller, less explosion-heavy films. After all, it's not such a huge leap to see "Fast & Furious 6" as a twee road trip movie about a non-traditional family or "Man of Steel" as the ultimate tale of an outsider wandering the Earth in search of identity and purpose.

Man of Steel as an indie film

Iron Man 3 as an indie film

Fast & Furious 6 as an indie film

Star Trek Into Darkness as an indie film

The Hangover Part III as an indie film

The Wolverine as an indie film

The Lone Ranger as an indie film

Pacific Rim as an indie film

World War Z as an indie film

Grown Ups 2 as an indie film