Bootleg Ghana Posters Are Better Than the Real Thing

Well, maybe not "better," but perhaps ... more inspired?

The Republic of Ghana is a country in West Africa. The name "Ghana" means "Warrior King," though we think "Artist King" is more like it, judging from all the bootleg posters that local illustrators provide when official studio one-sheets are hard to come by.

The posters are often both hilarious and stunningly imaginative, showcasing the artist's usually rather bizarre individual interpretation of a particular film. Really, we think we might need to watch movies like "Planet Terror" and maybe even "Catwoman" (shudder to think!) again, 'cause these drawings cast the films in a whole new light.

Check out some examples below, and head over to Twisted Sifter for oh so many more. Really, you'll want more than one for your own bedroom or office wall.

Planet Terror Ghana poster

Catwoman Ghana poster

Commando Ghana poster

Mission: Impossible Ghana poster

Bram Stoker's Dracula Ghana poster