Tilda Swinton Still Weird, Still Doing Whatever She Wants

Tilda Swinton napped in a glass box in the middle of MoMA in the name of art only a few weeks ago, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that she took over a screening at Ebertfest by jumping into the crowd and inciting a dance party among the moviegoers before the film began.

"I'm sorry, what?"

Yes, she jumped into the crowd and started dancing to Barry White music out of nowhere. After being flummoxed that this was happening for a few minutes, the crowd even joined along, even if it was just in the form of some in-sync clapping from middle-aged white people. (Then again, what the hell else were they supposed to do?) Some lucky (?) folks were even brought on stage to dance at the end. Sorry, guys.

These types of off-camera acts from Swinton are becoming so frequent that it's apparent she needs an adjective of her own, which I'll be happy to coin right now: Swintonian. And this was a Swintonian event, if there ever was one.

Tilda, we wait with baited breath for your next stupefyingly weird, thoroughly Swintonian stunt.