This Happened: Robert De Niro Cuddles Lil Bub

lil bub robert de niro

Getty Images

Yes, Viginia, this is what pure joy looks like. Robert De Niro, meet Lil Bub. Lil Bub, meet our good friend Bobby.

The internet's most famous genetically mutated cat and the Tribeca Film Festival's most famous founder (and noted softy) shook paws at the festival's Director's Brunch Tuesday afternoon. From what we can see, the two got along famously. (Get it?) And correct us if we're wrong, but is Bobby trying to make Bubface?

A documentary about Bub's ridiculously adorable life being worshipped just for being a ridiculously adorable perma-kitten, "Lil Bub & Friendz," has screened throughout the week at the festival.

Keep calm and Bub on, everyone.