Here Is the Trailer for Every Indie Movie Ever

As we all understand and acknowledge, every indie movie that has ever come out, ever, has the exact same plodding, morose trailer featuring a couple dudes doing mundane things with a look of innate sadness plastered on their faces the entire time.

With this idea in mind, some clever individuals recently came out with the trailer for "Home Without, Marleqta," which, in addition to not making any sense grammatically, isn't actually a real movie (we think — if it is, we'd watch it, give it an A- and call it "Triumphant" and/or "Powerful" or something, to play our part).

And though you and me and everyone we know has never met or known anyone named "Marleqta," it goes without saying that now we feel like our lives have been meaningless without a "Marleqta" in them.

So if anyone out there named "Marleqta" wants to just hang out near us from time to time at NextMovie, we'd give you some sort of bi-monthly stipend to just stand there and let us call you your name occasionally so we can jump up and down and clap.*

Otherwise, let's all just let this one trailer do the job of all indie trailers everywhere. You're welcome, filmmakers: you're off trailer duty for the rest of time.

*Not a real job. Sorry, worldwide Marleqtas.**

**"Worldwide Marleqtas" — great emo band name.