New 'Bling Ring' Trailer: Oh Hello, Emma Watson

When we last checked in on our pals in the upcoming "The Bling Ring" — namely, director Sofia Coppola, star Emma Watson and their merry band of wannabe thieves that rob Hollywood A-listers — the fuss (justifiably) was mostly surrounding a brief clip of Watson licking her teeth seductively and dancing at a club, because deep down, we're all creep-show perverts.

For trailer #2, though the "whooooaaaaa Emma Watson" teeth-licking still makes the cut, the novelty of Hermione Granger in a mischievous role has worn off and we're forced to focus (gasp!) on the apparent acting skillz (to pay the billz) of the "Harry Potter" veteran, which she dishes out in full force. This is most notable in the trailer's final few seconds, when Watson nails the ditzy, spoiled California teen vibe as her character speaks during a press conference.

As a refresher, "The Bling Ring" is a based on the true story of a group of young people stealing from wealthy actors' homes in Hollywood before eventually getting caught, and since Lindsay Lohan was a victim of the group in real life, you can't help but at least partly root for them.

Check out the new trailer above, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. "The Bling Ring" hits theaters in a limited release on June 14.