Alex Pettyfer and Gus Van Sant Get Sexy With 'Fifty Shades' Scene

[caption id="attachment_52775" align="alignleft" width="220"]Alex Pettyfer Getty Images[/caption]

There have been several names floating around as the potential director of "Fifty Shades of Grey," the erotic bestseller by E.L. James that chronicles the sinfully wicked sexual adventures of college student Anastasia Steele and mysterious billionaire Christian Grey. While none of the would-be candidates (such has Angelina Jolie) seem to have any interest in the project, there's one filmmaker who's bound and determined to score the gig for himself: Gus Van Sant.

The "Good Will Hunting" director is apparently lobbying hard for the assignment and has even gone so far as to shoot one of the book's many sex scenes ... starring "Magic Mike" up-and-comer Alex Pettyfer, according to The Wrap.

The scene, which now makes for the steamiest demo reel around town, is quite the doozy, too, as insiders say it's the moment where Steele loses her virginity to Grey. No word on who Pettyfer's co-star might be, but it's safe to assume it sure as hell isn't Emma Watson.

Universal Studios and Focus Features, who bought the rights to the book in March 2012, are stressing that Pettyfer has strictly been cast in the role for the purposes of this mini-project and not for the feature film itself. However, that's not to say Pettyfer isn't on the list, as the 23-year-old (who's four years younger than Grey, according to the novel) is currently shooting the "Endless Love" remake for the studio.

Van Sant hasn't locked down a new project following his reunion with Matt Damon, "Promised Land," which opened last December. His knack for portraying and exploring sexuality in a frank and fearless manner in films like "Milk," "My Own Private Idaho," "Mala Noche," "To Die For," "Elephant" and "Last Days" makes him an ideal candidate for calling the shots on "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Stay tuned to see whether Van Sant — and/or Pettyfer — gets the job. And, of course, for the scene to get leaked and posted.