How Disney Makes Their Lifelike Animations

Ready to have your mind blown, children of Disney's classics?

First of all, you know how Tinkerbell and Alice and Maleficent and all those were flitting around, doing their melodic little dances of whimsy and whatnot? Yeah, well, to help the animators capture those moments in cartoon form, there were sets of real-life performers who acted the various scenes out for reference. Seriously.

For example, do you remember the Mad Hatter watch scene in "Alice In Wonderland"? Kooky as that fella was, a vaudeville star named Ed Wynn played out the scene first.

It's pretty good in human form too, no?

And as if that video mash-up of Wynn's performance wasn't enough, the net-scouring wizards of Reddit unearthed a batch of Disney stills with character and human counterparts side-by-side to really trip us all out.

Told ya you'd be baffled. Those costumes! Those expressions! The poses! It's all so familiar and yet brand new at the same time. Amazing. And, guess what? There are even more at Reddit.