Huzzah Beantown! A Cinematic Tribute to Boston

Boston, you've had a hell of a week. This one's for you.

The great capital of Massachusetts has been trapped in its own horror movie upon last week's terrorist acts at the Boston Marathon and the subsequent city-wide manhunt for the suspects. Thankfully, it looks like the nightmare has ended and Boston can go back to being the greatest city in New England without serving as the unwilling host to those who would look to do it and its citizens harm.

As a tribute to Beantown, the wizards at have conjured this mashup that highlights some of Boston's great moments in the movies, with scenes from "Gone Baby Gone," "The Last Detail," "Good Will Hunting," "Legally Blonde," "The Fighter," "The Social Network" and many more. Oh, and Cliff from "Cheers" provides some Wikipedia-esque narration as well.

We think you'll like dem apples. Enjoy.