Feel Old Realizing All These Movies Came Out a Decade Ago

Throwback alert! With the buzz of the hottest  films of 2013 coming up this summer, let us not forget those that have gone before us. Supercut Originals created a mashup that brings back the most memorable movies of a decade ago...that magical year of 2003. Back in a time when the new millennium was still new, directors taught us to just keep swimming, that being the big G-O-D ain't easy,and the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

It was a good year for Will Ferrell with "Old School" and one of the most quotable Christmas movies of all time, "Elf." Nautical nonsense was a common theme: a clownfish searched the seas for his son, "Open Water" made everyone fear scuba diving, Ewan McGregor tried to catch a "Big Fish" and swaggery pirates plundered the Caribbean. The first attempt to "Kill Bill" was made, Jim Carrey played God, Jack Black played rock, and Billy Bob Thornton played a really bad mall Santa.  And let's not forget all the sequels! (and threequels?)

The video's was nice enough to add a honorable mention list of movies that didn't make the cut. Let the head scratching commence at why "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" wasn't featured.