Supercut: Let the Movies Teach You to Count

From the files of "Minute-long videos that likely took significantly longer than one minute to create," above we have a supercut of film characters teaming up to count down from 50 to 1. Why? Well, let me ask you this: why not? This is 'Merica, and people (namely, the appropriately monikered "supercutonline") can make random supercut videos in their free time if they so choose.

And if you haven't yet learned to count — we all have secrets — what better way to learn than Harry Potter and Legolas shouting numbers at you without any other context? What if we all learned to count this way? How much of a better place would the world be? It's fair to consider.

For the sake of America's youth, I hope whoever came up with the idea for the video (if it wasn't the video's creator him/herself) saw the video and said, "This is great, but I actually asked for a 75 to 1 countdown, if you remember. So if you could get to work on that immediately, that would be great." After all, those who actually are learning to count from the video aren't going to want to stop at 50. They've got higher-numbered fish to fry.

And after 75, why not keep going forever? I'm sure some movie character out there somewhere has said "24,713" at some point in film history.

We await the next installment with feverish anticipation.

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