Seth MacFarlane Might Host the Oscars Again

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While "Family Guy" funny guy Seth MacFarlane literally said "no way" when asked whether he would return to host the Academy Awards again, he might just get the chance to change his mind all "No way! Way!" "Wayne's World" style here soon.

As detailed by Cinema Blend, yesterday producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron were confirmed to return for the 2014 Oscars and are rumored to have asked MacFarlane to give the show another go.

MacFarlane's Oscars this year had some high points — mostly when mocking "James Bond," and that was before the telecast — but it had some pretty low moments too ... like, uh, the "We Saw Your Boobs" bit. That little song-and-dance-and-embarrass-the-stuffing-outta-Kate-Winslet number just didn't quite hit and even inspired a whole big thing with Jane Fonda.

To be fair, it also inspired this little moment of hilarity ...

The producing pair did stick up for MacFarlane after, saying MacFarlane "did an amazing job" and that "[e]veryone who complained missed the joke," and now they apparently want him back.

To sate the Jane Fondas out there, MacFarlane better come up with a "We Saw Your Penis" if he does choose to come back.