'Weird Science' Gets the Remake Treatment

[caption id="attachment_174597" align="alignleft" width="300"]Weird Science Universal[/caption]

Nostalgia is a funny thing. There's a very fine line between honoring characters, toys, cartoons and movies from the past and exploiting them. So every time a high-profile remake or relaunch comes along, whether it's "Transformers," "Star Wars" or "The A-Team," fans around the country hold their breath. Is it going to be good or is it going to crap all over your childhood again?

Well, fans of the cult classic 1985 John Hughes film "Weird Science" are about to find out, as according to Deadline, producer Joel Silver and writer Michael Bacall are about to remake it.

Of course, the knee-jerk reaction from most fans is instant outrage, but this time there may at least be some reason to think a new "Weird Science" could be pretty good.

Firstly, the film does have a decent pedigree already, as Silver produced the original "Weird Science." And then there's the resume of Bacall, who not only is in touch with today's youth culture (see: "Project X") but also has experience adapting beloved 80's cult properties as proven by his acclaimed screenplay for last spring's feature film reboot of "21 Jump Street."

Plus, "Weird Science" just seems like a film begging to be modernized thanks to its story of two geeks who use technology to create the perfect woman. After all, technology has come a long way since 1985 — and geek culture has come even further.

So this one could be decent, even if Silver and Universal are sounding some warning bells by trying to position this as a harder edged iteration by citing "The Hangover" as one of their inspirations. That's just, you know, totally random. But as long as they keep the spirit of the original Hughes classic, we're at least willing to give it a try.

If only for nostalgia's sake.