'Focus' Lacks Focus, As K-Stew Drops Out

[caption id="attachment_92949" align="alignleft" width="220"]Kristen Stewart Getty Images[/caption]

In the world of ironically named films, the upcoming heist movie "Focus" just moved into first place, as according to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen Stewart has dropped out of the film and may be replaced by.... Will Smith?

Talk about your bold casting moves!

Okay, okay, so it's not an actual one-for-one swap of K-Stew for The Fresh Prince. Rather, it's just the latest cast shuffling by "Crazy, Stupid, Love." directors Glenn Ficara and John Requa, who originally wrote "Focus" movie for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. But since they were kind of busy being awesome in other movies, "Focus" instead became a vehicle for an even more unlikely romantic team, namely Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart.

Now, though, both Affleck and Stewart have officially dropped out of the project as well, leaving Ficara and Requa seemingly back at square one in their search for stars. However, while nothing is yet official, it seems that Smith is now in talks to star as a crook who gets involved with a young apprentice, only to have the romantic entanglement complicate matters during a big heist.

Just which ingenue will star opposite Smith is also still up in the air, but given how unfocused "Focus" has been so far, we're not counting our chickens just yet anyway. Because the way this is going so far, by the time they get it all sorted out, Jaden Smith will probably be old enough to play the main character anyway.