Meet Steve Jobs in Funny or Die's 'iSteve'

Who needs Ashton Kutcher when you've got Justin Long?

Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic, "Jobs," was supposed to open this Friday but got pulled from the calendar. And that Jobs biopic that Aaron Sorkin is supposed to write will happen ... some day. Which means that the first official (well, official-ish) Jobs flick out the gate is "iSteve," produced by Funny or Die.

Justin Long, who's long (ha! Funny or Die, after all!) been a slinger of Apple products in his "Hi, I'm a PC / And I'm a Mac" commercials, plays the Apple co-founder and CEO, with Jorge Garcia playing the part of Steve Wozniak and — in a bit of pitch-perfect casting — James Urbaniak as Microsoft guru Bill Gates.

Watch the trailer above, and watch the entire 78-minute movie at Funny or Die. And just think ... all of it actually happened.