Patton Oswalt Pitches the Perfect 'Star Wars'

If Disney is really going to release a new "Star Wars" movie every year, they're going to need ideas ... lots of ideas. Luckily, Patton Oswalt is here to provide enough plot points to fill a dozen movies.

Oswalt recently filmed a guest appearance on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" and was asked by the producers to just go ahead and rant about whatever topics came to mind (which is how most television comedies are "directed" these days). What came to mind was an intricately detailed — and, in many ways, rather brilliant — description of what would make for the perfect "Star Wars: Episode VII." And the new movie can't be limited to just the "Star Wars" galaxy, mind you — the film would have to involve a crossover with "Marvel's The Avengers" and even "Clash of the Titans." Obviously.

J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon — are you guys listening, or are you just sitting around counting the mountain of cash you sleep on every night and making Shakespeare movies in your back yards with your famous friends? This is brainstorming GOLD, gentlemen!

Watch it. Heed it. Live it.

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