Elmo Takes Pleasure In Jon Hamm's Pain On Sesame Street

Don Draper has officially made his way from Madison Avenue to Sesame Street.

Citing the undeniable fact that the "Mad Men" star’s rugged good looks seem as if they’re already carved from marble, Sesame Street decided to team up Jon Hamm with a beret-topped Elmo in order to educate America’s children about the wide world of sculpture.

Unfortunately, Elmo clearly doesn't feel the need to teach those same children about teamwork.

Throughout the clip, a huffing and puffing Hamm is helplessly forced to drag an assortment of heavy sculptures into frame despite his desperate pleas for muppet assistance. In response, Elmo relegates himself to the self-indulgent deed of carving his own visage into a rock while coldly disengaged from his adoring young fans.

"Please, show your sculpture now, please! Before I get a hernia!" Hamm begs the thoughtless fur-covered celebrity at one point in the clip. Elmo, who is clearly far beyond taking orders at this point in his career at the Children’s Television Workshop, answers Hamm with a curt "no." The lesson here, kids: Never interrupt Elmo's creative process.

Watch Jon Hamm engage in great feats of strength for the sake of arts education in the clip above.