'American Bulls**t'? It's 'American Hustle' for Russell

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Director David O. Russell's much-fussed Abscam movie now has its title, and rather than the controversial (albeit arguably appropriate) original name "American Bulls**t," it's going to be called the much more palatable "American Hustle."

The new verbage is meant to reflect the story's true story-based premise — a con man and his mistress are teamed up with an FBI agent to run a sting operation on several corrupt politicians and criminals — but it also helps to remove the stigma of an expletive in neon lights turning away potential audiences.

"American Hustle" serves as a David O. Russell cast reunion of sorts as he brings together the major players in his most recent two awards season sensations, "The Fighter" and "Silver Linings Playbook."

Christian Bale leads as the con man du jour, based on the real-life Mel Weinberg, while a fabulously beehived Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams star as his wife and mistress, respectively. For those unfamiliar with the twisted Mel Weinberg love triangle, it's a wild read alright.

Bradley Cooper, meanwhile, stars as the curly-haired fed, and Robert DeNiro plays a gambling scammer connected with the mess too.

Newcomers to the Russell "Hustle" fold are Jeremy Renner, Jack Huston, Louis C.K. and Michael Pena.

"American Hustle" is expected to hit a limited theater run on Dec. 13 with wide release on Christmas.