Here Are Illustrated Floor Plans for Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movies

[caption id="attachment_174246" align="alignleft" width="300"]Touchstone Touchstone[/caption]

Consider this scenario: You're visiting the Tenenbaums at 111 Archer Avenue. You need to find the ballroom, but you don't know where the ballroom is, and it's a big house. Richie is watching old tennis highlights of himself, Margot is fighting with Raleigh, and Chas is putting the boys to bed, so there's no one to help you. What to do?

Enter Jennifer Lewis of Flavorwire's detailed floor plans of the homes of Wes Anderson films — not just that of 111 Archer Ave from "The Royal Tenenbaums," but also of the Belafonte from "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," Summer's End from "Moonrise Kingdom," and Beech Tree from "Fantastic Mr. Fox." (If you're taking the hike to Archer, it stands to reason that you might also visit the other three.) With the Tenenbaum home floor plan in hand in the opening scenario, you'd walk straight to the fourth floor without any Tenenbaum family member yelling at you for bothering them.

Though it's impossible (unless Anderson himself chimes in) to verify the accuracy of these cross-sections, they're pretty impressive, almost to the point where if Lewis is incorrect in any way, Anderson should probably still just keep his mouth shut.

Check out the awesome graphic for the Tenenbaums' home below, and click through to Flavorwire to see more.

royal tenenbaums cross section