Rachel McAdams Makes New Cameron Crowe Movie Even Cuter

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Does "Untitled Cameron Crowe Project" have a cute cast ... or the cutest cast ever?

"To the Wonder" cutie Rachel McAdams is officially in talks to join fellow cuties Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone in the "We Bought a Zoo" filmmaker's cute new project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Crowe's new film was first announced last July when Emma Stone was cast and has since been confirmed to be a project that the writer-director has been trying to get made for several years. Formerly titled "Deep Tiki," the story follows a military contractor (Cooper) who's assigned to a top-secret military satellite launch in Hawaii and gets involved with an uptight military liaison (Stone) and local spiritual leaders who are preparing for the fulfillment of a prophecy involving the gods Lomo and Pele.


Even more awesome: McAdams will be playing the role of Cooper's ex-girlfriend, which means the plot will probably also involve some sort of love triangle.

Cooper, Stone and McAdams — this could be just the magic trio to put Crowe back at the top of his game. "Elizabethtown" and "We Bought a Zoo" were both amusing and all, but whatever — we want the Crowe who gave us "Say Anything" and "Jerry Maguire." We want the guy who inspired us to stand outside a girl's house with a boombox over our heads and made "Show me the money!" into one of the most quoted existential catchphrases of the 20th century. We want Crowe the Great!

Production is set to commence in September. Meanwhile, Rachel McAdams has "To the Wonder" opening April 12 and will next be seen in the sci-fi drama, "About Time," opening Nov. 8. "Passion," her steamy collaboration with Noomi Rapace and director Brian De Palma, has yet to score a U.S. distributor.