Noah Emmerich is Mr. Natalie Portman in 'Jane Got a Gun'

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Everyone involved with "Jane Got a Gun" seems hellbent for leather in making the movie actually work out as another cast member has joined the getting less-troubled Western.

Gavin O'Connor is making his sudden last-minute directing gig less stressful by surrounding himself with people he's worked with before, such as new recruit Noah Emmerich, according to Deadline. "Jane Got a Gun" marks the fifth collaboration between Emmerich and O'Connor, following "Tumbleweeds," "Miracle," "Pride and Glory" and "Warrior."

Emmerich has been cast as the husband of Jane (Natalie Portman), an outlaw who comes home one day chock full of bullet holes. Hubby has become the target of a notorious gang (led by Bradley Cooper), so Jane hires the services of an ex-lover (Emmerich's "Warrior" pal Joel Edgerton) to protect him, her and their farm.

"Jane Got a Gun" had something of a rocky start, as original director Lynne Ramsay ("We Need to Talk About Kevin") dropped out literally the night before principal photography was scheduled to commence. Portman's "Closer" and "Cold Mountain" co-star Jude Law dropped out shortly thereafter and was replaced by Cooper.

Fun and Kinda Creepy Trivia: Noah Emmerich and Natalie Portman previously starred together in "Beautiful Girls" (1996). Emmerich played thirtysomething guy in that movie and Portman was all of, like, 15 years old at the time. Weird.

"Jane Got a Gun" has been shooting for several weeks now and seems to be going just fine.