New MTV Movie Awards 'Iron Man 3' Teaser Teaser Is a Real Tease

"Iron Man 3" may not hit theaters until May 3, but this Sunday night fans will be able to get a sneak peek at the action thanks to a brand new teaser scheduled to air during the MTV Movie Awards — and we've got a teaser of the teaser right here.

We're such a tease!

Airing live on MTV at 9 p.m. EST, this year's MTV Movie Awards are set to be hosted by Rebel Wilson, who sadly is not in "Iron Man 3" (as far as we know...?!). But even without Wilson's presence, this new trailer for "Iron Man 3" looks to be plenty badass thanks to Robert Downey Jr. facing off against Ben Kingsley's Mandarin, an evil bearded jerk with a truly amazing bathrobe.

"I'm gonna offer a choice," the Mandarin says in this new teaser teaser. "Do you want an empty life? Or a meaningful death?"

We're not sure what Iron Man decides, but we do know that if you want to avoid having an empty life, you should check out this clip and then tune into the MTV Movie Awards to see the full length teaser. It's sure a heck of a lot easier than becoming a superhero — and from the looks of it, a lot more fun, too. See you there.

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