Fast and Furious and Controlled By a Remote

As "Fast and Furious 6" looms on the horizon, ready to do a sharp peel into theaters and the automotive cortex of your brain, YouTube channel of has given you the next best thing: the trailer recut, frame-by-frame, exclusively with remote controlled cars.

You may think that a "Fast and Furious" flick requires appearances by Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Paul Walker, but you'd be wrong. All you need are remote controlled cars and a lot of patience, and you've got yourself a movie. Of course, in this case, it bends more towards comedy than action, but if you ever had the chance to play with a toy car as a kid, you'll thank your lucky stars that YouTube encourages parody trailers that seamlessly breathes new life into RCs, as they're called by the professionals.

As Rihanna might say, just shut up and drive.