Matt Damon Gets an Upgrade in 'Elysium' Trailer

The future is filled with robotic body horror in "Elysium," the new sci-fi thriller from writer-director Neill Blomkamp ("District 9"). Taking place in 2154, "Elysium" is the name of a massive off-planet space station that houses the rich and privileged whilst the poor working class slaves away on a desolate Earth.

Matt Damon plays Max, a working stiff who gets exposed to radiation while on the job (you don't know that from the trailer; we know it from the footage that was shown last summer at Comic-Con). His only hope of survival is getting the high-tech medical treatment reserved for the residents of Elysium, so he gets grafted to a mechanical exoskeleton (for some reason) and looks to infiltrate the highfalutin off-world colony.

Blomkamp's working with a bigger budget here, and his pal Sharlto Copley gets to play the bad guy this time around. We're definitely curious about this one, but unfortunately it doesn't look half as special as "District 9" — really, it looks like just another big, loud, expensive sci-fi movie with an A-list star, a la this month's "Oblivion" and June's "After Earth." Don't lose your street cred, Neill!

Check out the trailer above, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. "Elysium" opens Aug. 9.