Why the 'Gatsby' Delay? Blame the Weather Man

[caption id="attachment_129451" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Great Gatsby Warner Bros.[/caption]

Either Baz Luhrmann's trying his hand at a little non-fictional revisionist history or it's Mother Nature herself who's to blame for the hold-up on the release of "The Great Gatsby."

The director has finally spoken up about what prompted the decision to pull the film from its original winter holiday run and slate it in with the superhero-heavy summer schedule, and he made no mention of the rumored financing feud between himself and the Warner Bros. studio.

Instead, he explained to Life and Times, it was a delay on account of rain.

"With everything I make, I set out with a very clear plan. We pursue that plan," he said. "But of course there will be deus ex machina, acts of God, and in this case it was the weather. As we were shooting, Sydney was being drenched day in and day out by La Nina, some of the wettest weather on record, and so we had to shut down shooting and then resume shooting the following year."

Evidently, the change of plans became something of a perk for the head honcho himself because he then got the opportunity to wrangle in hip hop mogul Jay-Z to do some soundtrack mixing for him — which was clearly a good decision.

"I had just begun to connect with Jay-Z, and both of us connected over the idea of doing what Fitzgerald did — using popular music, the music of the streets, a blend, jazz, hip-hop and popular music throughout the film," he said. "In our thinking it became clear to us both, especially given the variety of artists we were working with, that this was no ordinary soundtrack and no ordinary music collaboration. And the extra time allowed us to spend more time together, to include some more of Jay’s great collaborators ... All of this also made the project a greater joy, as I was able to go further in the collaboration as we had more time."

As they say, every rain cloud has a silver lining.

"The Great Gatsby" will party its way into theaters on May 10.