'Iron Man 3' Clip: Bill It to Tony Stark

Season's greetings from Tony Stark! Your gift: This brand spankin' new clip from "Iron Man 3," which comes out on May 3.

While you're going to love the above snippet, in which Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) lets the villainous Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) know he means business, you probably wouldn't love being on the receiving end of the audio postcard Stark delivers to the bad guy through the press.

Mostly because it involves, uh, murder.

"I've decided that you just died, pal. I'll come get the body," he says, addressing the Mandarin during a press gaggle and detailing his home address and the state of his doors (unlocked). Then, of course, he commits the requisite small property damage we all know and love him for, flinging a reporter's cell phone against a concrete wall.

Yikes, things are getting tense in here.

But, hey, if Iron Man is inviting the Mandarin over, maybe we'd also be welcome to pop by and play with some of Tony's toys? Just a thought.