The 10 Coolest Things About Trailblazer Emma Watson

At this weekend's MTV Movie Awards, Emma Stone will pass the Trailblazer torch on to a very deserving fellow actress who also happens to share her name (which does cause confusion here and there): Emma Watson. And our girl crush totally deserves the big ups because when she walked away from the "Harry Potter" franchise two summers ago, she didn't just bid farewell to wizards, wands, whomping willows and whatnot, she also began a steady course of dismantling that sweetheart persona and re-presenting herself as a pretty rad little lady.

It's no small feat that she's grown from this adorable little girl ...

... into this lovely lady without the whole world imploding.

And now she's doing things like this move in "The Bling Ring" ...

... and this ass-kicking maneuver for "This Is the End" ...

She is literally "NOT F**KING AROUND," people.

So, we want to pay tribute to young Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson by nodding to a few of the many, many reasons she's a bona fide trailblazer.

1. She's got sass on deck

Yeah, so, she totally invented the "Not Impressed Face" like a decade ago.

And, honey, Taylor Swift's got nothing on this girl's stank face ...

Most of the time, though, she totally rolls with the punches.


2. She hearts New York

Gotta love a city girl (also, she does not live in Los Angeles, which is probably wise). Interestingly enough, Em was born in Paris, grew up in London and now resides in the Big Apple. What a life, and she's still only twenty-two.


3. She can dance like nobody's business


No, seriously, home girl's got moves.


4. When she wanted an image change, she just went for it

That time she chopped off her hair and was basically like, "Yeah, I did. Mwah."


5. She totally owned her first big post-'Potter' role

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" was awesome, and she was a big part of why.

Bonus: She learned she didn't need that broom to fly any more.


6. She got nekkid for Earth Day



7. She can and will take matters into her own hands

Emma's still way too pure for that "50 Shades of Grey" business, but she kept her badassery at max by way of some cutting virtual eye-rollage. Ow!

50 Shades











8. Emma is no damsel in distress

Don't look for her to sit around waiting on her Fairy Godmother.


9. Beaucoups of success and yet she's still super humble

10. She knows wassup

Right now, we're basically like YES, GIVE US MORE PLEASE.

And Emma Watson is all, "How cute. They haven't seen anything yet."