'Iron Man 3's' Dr. Wu Prescribes 30mg of Plot Spoilers

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When it comes to major superhero blockbusters, it's become standard operating procedure in Hollywood to keep as tight a reign as possible on spoilers. Heck, Christopher Nolan just about placed the entire city of Pittsburgh under house arrest while he was filming "The Dark Knight Rises." But there are some people whose need for spoilers simply can't be denied — such as, for instance, the population of China.

Which explains why "Iron Man 3" co-star Wang Xueqi just spilled the beans on a key plot point in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Xuequi's comments came during a recent "Iron Man 3" press conference in Beijing, where the 67-year-old legend of Chinese cinema appeared along side Robert Downey Jr. and explained his initial reticence in taking the role of Dr. Wu. Do we even need to put a spoiler alert on this one?

"I was told of this 'good news' – that there was this part on offer," Xueqi said. "I was like, 'Oh, right.' And I said to this person contacting me, 'It wouldn’t do if it’s a character who’s finished off after a few fights.' I was then assured that, 'No, you’re going to be the man who saves his [Tony Stark] life.'"

So just how does Dr. Wu save Tony Stark's life? Not through the use of superpowers or advanced technology, but rather through ancient Chinese medicinal techniques after a battered and broken Stark approaches his old friend Dr. Wu for some much needed help.

"It’s a very challenging role," Xeuqi said. "I don't get a lot of scenes, but you have to convince viewers that [Stark and Wu] are friends from way back," Wang said. "It's not like in other films when you can get to show that through a lot of interaction between the characters."

"He's a very complicated individual," Xeuqi continued. "He’s at once a specialist in Chinese medicine and Western medicine, but also a scientist and someone who has an in-depth knowledge of ancient Chinese culture. They’ve really set the bar very high."

And that's not all: According to Xeuqi, fans can expect to see plenty more of Dr. Wu in "Iron Man 4," assuming another sequel is made.

"What they would want is to develop [Dr. Wu] if there’s a fourth installment—because after all, it’s him who propped Stark up when he’s in his most difficult time."

Sorry, Rhodey, but it looks like there's a new bromance in Tony's life!