How Shawarma Made Its Way Into 'The Avengers'

Last spring, right after the Hollywood premiere of Marvel's "The Avengers," Joss Whedon decided to slip in one last scene to his mega-team-up, pulling the rug out from under us in the most delightful way.

How he pulled off tacking the stinger to the end of the movie with Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton chowing down on a certain beef/lamb hybrid is now subject to a featurette called "And Then Shawarma After" on the extensive (and expensive) new "Avengers Assembled" Blu-ray set.

"I don't know that there's ever been photography this close to the release of a movie," producer Kevin Feige said in behind-the-scenes footage during the last-minute shoot. The location was Elat Burger on Pico Blvd in West Los Angeles, standing in for a ravaged New York City dive, as Marvel insider/"Ant-Man" director Edgar Wright Tweeted last May.

Of course, as soon as the movie dropped the Mediterranean treat was on the tip of everyone's tongue, and shawarma sales shot through the roof. It was no publicity stunt either, since we actually went into the field (bravely sacrificing our diet) to talk to several New York shawarma joints about the "Avengers" sales boost they experienced.

With Marvel's Phase 2 coming into full-effect with the imminent release of "Iron Man 3," here's a suggested list of other obscure ethnic foods the superheroes could plug during their globe-trotting adventures:

-Scottish Haggis

-Peruvian Ceviche

-Japanese Puffer Fish

-Vietnamese Snake Wine

-German Trekking Mahlzeiten (Cheeseburger In A Can)